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Transmission Line Management Using LiDAR and PLS-CADD

December 06, 2017 | NV | 709 | LIDAR SERVICES

InfoTech is having trained resources working on PLS-CADD and generating models for various client requirement. InfoTech’s resources are well trained in both the traditional LiDAR techniques as well as PLS-CADD, the recent in the industry. The use of PLS-CADD has made the post processing of LiDAR data quite easy and much more effective. The needs of an electrical domain client is well understood by InfoTech and accordingly processed using the latest industry standard tools: PLS-CADD.

A key factor in maintaining an electrical company's high system reliability is the timely and accurate management of its various transmission assets. The use of PLS-CADD with aerial LiDAR data is a key tool in managing these assets. Accurate PLS-CADD models are developed using aerial LiDAR survey. Usually here data is obtained for a specific width of corridor along the complete circuit (in miles) of the transmission system. Using these models, real time situations and problems involving the transmission system can be simulated, studied and resolved in the office at a fraction of the time and costs when compared to previous traditional techniques used in the field. Now the developed PLS-CADD models helps in finding faulty situations and the same were examined and resolved timely. This technique is quite accurate and fast as compared to the traditional techniques being used. The continued integration of the LiDAR based PLS-CADD models into Electrical asset management system will provide additional benefits in the areas of Vegetation Management, Construction and Maintenance, System Operations and Engineering.


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