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Urban Planning

As more and more people migrate to cities from rural areas in search of a better living, the infrastructure in India’s towns and cities is coming under increasing rinsing. Increasing development also creates its own share of environmental and ecological challenges.

Urban Planning

In this framework, the consultancy services we provide to the central and state governments and various local organizations are critical in safeguarding the healthy and well-planned growth of our urban accumulations. Our urban planning division offers planning solutions using the latest geospatial tools and techniques to meet the basic development requirements of government organizations and urban local organizations.

Urban Planning Services specializes in providing exceptional professional and efficient customer service in:
  • Town Planning
  • Project Management
  • Project Strategy Services
InfoTech has vast experience in all forms of development and can offer advice in relation to development matters oscillating from high rise development to broad hectare subdivision. By combining our strengths and collective knowledge InfoTech can offer a broad range of professional services specialising in:
  • Statutory planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Project feasibility
  • Project management
Urban Planning services

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