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PDF To DWG Conversion

Infotech converts PDF data to AutoCAD (DWG) format data and AutoCAD to PDF. PDF to DWG converted data are fully editable, multilayer and 100% accurate. The PDF format data has been an acceptable way to share information when there is no longer need to edit that information but if you need to update data you need DWG data. DWG data is easy to update and store.

PDF data is not easy to edit especially if you want to edit them layer-by-layer. For this, you have a solution that convert the PDF data to DWG according to your needs we can convert PDF data to DWG data or PDF to CAD data.

DWG data is vectorized artworks that are scalable and do not get pixilated as you zoom in the image. These DWG files can be used at any size and for many purposes and quality or clarity are not affected.

Contact us now for PDF to AutoCAD conversion and AutoCAD to PDF conversion services.

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