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Why GIS is so effective in Cadastral Mapping?

March 29, 2018 | BG | 328 | CAD & GIS

GIS technology enables us to manage parcel data in a manner not possible with hand-drawn or CAD-generated maps. The ability to query alone is enough reason to convert to a GIS system. The amount of time saved by being able to instantly locate a particular parcel is enormous. One can easily determine if a parcel is located in a floodplain, if it has water frontage, or if it is located along a highway. All these conditions affect the value of a property. Database connectivity saves map space and reduces clutter because every bit of text-owner's name, book and page number, or size-does not need to be squeezed onto the map of the parcel. All this information can be stored in the database anddisplayed by clicking on the parcel.

A cadastral GIS is more than a parcel map. New maps can be created quickly and selectively. Maps can be created of just commercial properties, just homesteads, or just residential properties. Imagination and database design are the only limitations. Have a good GIS cadastral system not only helps in saving time and money but it also makes a city in continuous race with the fast world changing around us. Cadastral mapping in gis allows home owners to compare their property's value to the assessed value of similar and/or surrounding properties and view recent sales figures.

Before we can take advantage of advanced GIS techniques, more parcels must be mapped. The hardest part of this time-consuming process is deed research. More hours are spent studying the deeds than entering the parcels. The process will be speeded up with the use of a GPS receiver.

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